2020 MOTA Fall Series

Join us for four continuing education courses. Register here, or view more details in each course description in the calendar events to the right.
MOTA Fall Series: Nov. 10: Assistance Dogs – Their role in Occupational Therapy (Laurie Carlson & Denise Yokom) 5:30-6:30  Nov. 17: Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity - Working Together in Promoting Diversity Inclusion in the OT/OTA Programs and local community. Conversation that Matters (Kimberly Anderson, Stephanie de Sam Lazaro, Diamond Hill, Erin Bugajski, and Naomi Teetzel) 6:00-7:30  Nov 24: Entrepreneurship in the time of a Pandemic (Kary Gillenwaters & Rhoda Erhardt) 5:30-6:30  Dec. 1: Telehealth: Conversation that Matters (Melissa Adamski, Monica Mommsen, & Tammy Moothedan) 5:30-6:30. Click here to register or click on the session events on the calendar to learn more about each course.