Awards: Recognizing Today's Leaders in the field of Occupational Therapy

MOTA Lifetime Achievement Award

Purpose:To honor an occupational therapy professional who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership, service and dedication to the occupational therapy profession. 

Candidate's Qualifications

  • History of active involvement with MOTA
  • Demonstrated upstanding leadership for the advancement of occupational therapy practice
  • Actively employed in the occupational therapy profession for 25 years or more
  • OTR or COTA member of MOTA in good standing


  • Lifetime membership in MOTA without continued payment of dues
  • All benefits of active membership
  • May attend continuing education programs at no cost


MOTA Communication Award

Purpose: To honor a MOTA member who has creatively contributed to the development of the body of knowledge of the profession of OT through research, education and/or practice in occupational therapy, and that has improved knowledge and service to the client and/or public.

Candidate’s Qualifications

  • OTR or COTA member of MOTA in good standing
  • Minimum of five years of sustained activity in the profession of occupational therapy, three years within the state of Minnesota
  • Recognized by peers as having demonstrated special skills and/or knowledge through the use of written and/or oral communication skills
  • Inspires others through publicly shares her/his knowledge and experience through both written communication and oral presentations
  • The contribution, in whatever method, must be timely and related to the current activities of occupational therapy


MOTA Scholarship Award

Purpose: To honor members of MOTA who have completed a project pertinent to occupational therapy practice or occupational therapy theory development, including implementation and publication of results. This award recognizes practitioners who incorporate evidence for advancement of occupational therapy practice.

 Candidate’s Qualifications

  • OTR or COTA member of MOTA in good standing
  • Project used evidence to support project(s) advancing practice
  • The project work may be in the implementation of a new practice area, intervention method, administrative efficiencies, etc.  (i.e.  case studies, research project, process improvement project)
  • The project must be current, within the past year and/or may reflect sustained effort that has had significance to the profession
  • Results must have been shared professionally either through presentation or through submission for publication


MOTA Practitioner of the Year Award

Purpose: To recognize an OTR or COTA member of MOTA who has made notable contributions to advance the profession the profession and to serve its consumers by utilizing special skills and/or knowledge in practice, education and/or administration.

 Candidate’s Qualifications

  • OTR or COTA member of MOTA in good standing
  • Has worked in the area for which he/she is receiving the nomination and demonstrates success and innovation above and beyond the call of duty
  • Evidence of notable contributions to practice. This may include, but not limited to:
    • Application of practice models, methods of evaluation, or treatment strategies that enhance service to consumers
    • Implementation of fieldwork or continuing education models or methods that enhance education and clinical practice
    • Application of administrative methods that enhance practice
    • Implementation of innovative and/or emerging practice
    • Political or financial contributions that have advanced occupational therapy practice in the state of Minnesota


MOTA Award of Appreciation

Purpose: Recognition by the Minnesota Occupational Therapy Association of persons who have demonstrated significant contributions to the occupational therapy profession.  There can be more than one Appreciation Award recipient.  Please note: only Appreciation Award nominees are NOT required to be MOTA members.

Candidate’s Qualifications

  • Individual members, nonmembers, or a group such as a special interest group, task force, business or institution
  • MOTA members are considered individuals or groups whose services or contributions are clearly beyond those of normal professional duties or responsibilities
  • Non-members are considered individuals or groups whose services or contributions have markedly benefitted occupational therapy
  • Efforts warranting this award include (but are not limited to) outstanding leadership, political support, pioneer work, product development, or financial contributions


2019 Award Nomination Form