Government Affairs Committee (GAC)

The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) under the Advocacy Division of MOTA works to coordinate federal, state, and local activities in conjunction with the MOTA lobbyist. The committee is made up of MOTA members who volunteer their time to monitor legislation to support occupational therapy practice and the accessibility of services to our clients. The committee meets on a regular basis and welcomes new members from all practice areas. Legislative alerts are sent through the MOTA listserve to speed-up response time.

The GAC is comprised of MOTA members representing a variety of practice areas- are you interested in joining? Reach out to Kallie Moy ([email protected]) or Karen Sames ([email protected]
  • GAC members represent MOTA members at meetings with:
    • Minnesota Department of Human Services
    • MN Board of OT Practice
    • Early Intensive Developmental Behavioral Intervention (EIDBI) Advisory Committee
    • Monitor legislation being discussed or proposed by other stakeholders
    • Partner with MOTA’s lobbyist to identify and address issues impacting OT Practice