Organizational Leadership



Executive Board

President  Terrianne Jones, PHD, OTR/L
Treasurer Alice Snorteland, MBA, OTR/L, CHT
Secretary Kirsten Prouty, OTR/L
Vice President of Advocacy Claire Mireau, MA, OTR/L, TPS
Vice President of Promotions Alyssa Farrell, MS OTR/L
Vice President of Professional Development       Marlys Gapstur Sand, OTR/L
Julie Johnson, OTR/L
Representative at Large Nicole Konz, OTR/L
District Coordinator Tammy Moothedan, OT

Representatives and Liaisons

AOTA Representative Kimberley Persons, DHS, OTR/L  [email protected]
NBCOT Ambassador Teresa Wickboldt OTD, OTR/L

Advocacy Chairs

Government Affairs Co-Chairs

Karen  Sames, OTD, OTR/L, FAOTA

Kallie Moy, OTD, OTR/L

Ethics Chair


Quality Management (Peer Review Coordinator)


Reimbursement Chair



Cory Bennett

Promotions Chairs



Newsletter Editor


Social Media


Website Coordinator


Professional Development Chairs

Awards/Scholarships Chair          
CE Meeting Coordinators OPEN (4-6 people)
Conference Co-chairs (2019)

Marlys Sand, OTR/L

Kary Gillenwaters, OTR/L

Julie Johnson, OTR/L

District Chairs

Arrowhead District Co-Chair      Open
Arrowhead District Co-Chair Open
Central District Chair Nicole M. Ottman, COTA/L
Metro District Chair


Northwest District Chair Co-Chair Open
Northwest District Chair Co-Chair Open
Southern District Chair Hannah Oldenberg, OTR/L

Special Interest Group (SIG) Chairs

Mental Health Co-Chair    Megan Flood, OTR/L
Mental Health Co-Chair Open
Pediatric Chair Co-Chair Stephanie de Sam Lazaro, OTD, OTR/L
Pediatric Chair Co-Chair Lauren Hoffmann, OTR/L
Chronic Pain Co-Chair Open
Chronic Pain Co-Chair Open
Health and Wellness Co-Chair Hillary Otto, OTR/L
Health and Wellness Co-Chair Open
Health Equity Chair Hallie Lucero, OTR/L
NICU  Co-Chair Jennifer Anderson, OTR/L
NICU Co-Chair Kelly Petersen, OTR/L

Student Representatives

Student Representative (U of M - Minneapolis)  
Student Representative (U of M - Minneapolis)  
Student Representative (U of M - Minneapolis)  
Student Representative ( St. Catherine's)  
Student Representative ( St. Catherine's)  


To reach any MOTA representative, please email [email protected].  Emails will be forwarded to the appropriate leader.