MOTA is able to continue its mission because of your support and generosity. By making a donation, you'll help ensure that our work continues. Online donations are quick, easy and secure. We welcome donations of all sizes! No contribution amount is too small. Please check with your employer about matching your contribution.  

Why Give to MOTA?

When considering your offering of financial support to MOTA, ask yourself these questions:

  • What organization can help answer my questions regarding practice issues and billing?
  • What organization provides in-state, AOTA Approved Provider, low or no cost, CE to advance my knowledge?
  • What organization protects my professional right to practice in Minnesota?

Your donation helps MOTA be financially sustainable for years to come to ensure that we are able to continue to support its members in their day to day practice, provide quality continuing education opportunities, and protect occupational therapy practice in Minnesota.  

MOTA is the only entity that funds lobbyist efforts to protect the profession for Occupational Therapists in the state of Minnesota. Our ability to provide and bill for services as Occupational Therapists is based on and protected by our practice act, a document that is approved by the legislature of MN. Though this document is enacted by law, its presence alone does not ensure protection without concerted efforts to stay alert and responsive to legislation by other professional groups that encroach on our practice act. MOTA employs a lobbyist and has a Governmental Affairs Committee, which meet monthly for this purpose. All Occupational Therapists in Minnesota benefit from this protection. Within the last year, several different professional organizations proposed legislation that would negatively impact our scope of practice. It was MOTA's lobbying efforts that opposed those changes. 

Making a donation to MOTA is one of the best “insurance policies” you can have. Our lobbyist is working diligently to ensure that OT's scope of practice remains intact, "insuring" that we all have jobs for years to come!

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